Love Potion - Ritual Bath Set

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Love Potion - Ritual Bath Set


Our Love Potion Ritual Bath Gift Set filled with self-loving witch-crafted items to bring you beauty and magick. Items come in a kraft box perfect for self pampering or to give as a gift!

In this Love Potion box, you will find the following handmade items:

  • love potion soap
  • 4oz love potion crystal bath salts
  • gorgeous witches' spoon
  • palo Santo stick etched with the phases of the moon
  • love potion crystal soy candle

The Ritual: Set your intention by lighting the palo Santo stick, allow it to burn for about 35-45 seconds then blow it out. Run the bath, with your witches' spoon sprinkle a tablesppon of salts throughout warm bathwater. Stir water allowing salts to dissolve and release the essential oils. Enjoy + relax as your skin soaks in the minerals, replenishing its natural glow. in your love potion bath salts, place your rose quartz crystal in the tub, and bathe with your love potion soap. Soak and relax. Close your ritual by placing your rose quartz, and palo santo stick on your alter to remind you of your intention.


Love Potion Crystal Bath Salts Soak

Our Replenishing Love Potion Crystal Salt Soak is scented with uplifting Bergamot, Lemon and Orange with middle notes of Ginger and balancing notes of Vetiver and Rosewood essential oils. Himalayan Sea Salts are rich in minerals that are essential for healthy skin such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Additionally they have been found helpful in removing toxins, stimulating circulation and soothing sore muscles.

Love & light!

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