Hatter's Tea Party -6oz

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Hatter's Tea Party -6oz


Wonderland Collection

MAD HATTER: Well, no wonder you're late! Why, this clock is exactly two days slow! 
WHITE RABBIT: Two days slow? 
MAD HATTER: Of course you're late. Hahaha! My goodness. We'll have to look into this. I see what's wrong with it! Why, this watch is full of wheels! 
WHITE RABBIT: Oh, my poor watch! Oh, my wheels! My springs! But... 
MAD HATTER: Butter! Of course, we need some butter! Butter! 
MARCH HARE: Butter! 
WHITE RABBIT: But... butter? 
MAD HATTER: Butter, oh, thank you, butter. Ha ha. Yes, that's fine. 
WHITE RABBIT: Oh no, you'll get crumbs in it! 
MAD HATTER: Oh, this is the very best butter! What are you talking about? MARCH HARE: Tea? 
MAD HATTER: Tea! Oh, I never thought of tea! Of course! 
WHITE RABBIT: No! Not tea! 
MARCH HARE: Sugar? MAD HATTER: Sugar. Two spoons, yes, ha, two spoons. Thank you, yes. 
WHITE RABBIT: Oh, please! Be careful! 
MAD HATTER: Jam! I forgot all about jam! 
WHITE RABBIT: No, no! Not jam! 
MAD HATTER: Yes, sure you want, it's nice to see. MARCH HARE: Mustard? MAD HATTER: Mustard? Yes, but... Mustard? Don't let's be silly! 

Inspired by Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland. This is a delicious scent of butter, tea, sugar cake and blueberry jam. 

Our scented candles are 100% soy wax & hand-poured in small batches in our beautiful apothecary jars with gold lids and gorgeous labels. We use American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, long and clean burn. To offer a unique candle scent we carefully combine premium grade fragrance and essential oils. Our cotton core wicks are primed with vegetable wax. 

Lead-free. Vegan. Phthalate-free.

We do not add dyes or chemicals.

Net Wt: 6 oz
Burn Time: 35-40 per candle
Dimensions: 2.5"x3.2"

Soy Candle Care:
Burn your new candle for a minimum of 2 hours to get a clean melt pool
Before each burn, trim your wick to about ¼” 
Try not to burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time

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